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Specialistpoint Provides Value

Specialistpoint vs Traditional Doctor Directories


Specialistpoint has many advantages over traditional doctor directories, whether they be online or paper-based.


Online doctor directories are often aimed at the general public, hence the referrals may be inappropriate for you as a Specialist.  They may also be out-of-date, and also difficult to update details easily.


Specialistpoint is only for health professionals. You can update your profile  from anywhere,at  anytime. You are able to indicate exactly the type of referrals you are looking for and easily show your availability for these targeted referrals  Higher quality referrals combined with more referrals can result in significant enhancement of your private practice.


Specialistpoint vs Medical Rostering Software


The practice management software you are currently using is suitable for managing appointments and billing.  However, it is often expensive, difficult to use, requires hardware and software updates and staff training. If you are without your computer you may not be able to log in remotely from another computer or mobile device. Another  drawback is that other Specialists may be using different practice management software. In addition,other Specialists outside your group are unable to view your roster.    


Specialistpoint, on the other hand, is  internet based  and hence requires  no expensive hardware or software installation, and is accessible from anywhere,  at anytime.  There  are  no joining fees and membership is free for Australian medical professionals. You can show any other members your availability for acute referrals and easily find people to refer to.  You are in  complete control.


Specialistpoint vs Hospital Switchboards


Hospital switchboards are functional in the public system, and are adequate if you work only at one hospital.   In the private system it is a different story.  Afterhours, the 'switchboard' often consists only of an A&E nurse and a whiteboard with a few names on it!  


At  Specialistpoint  we have designed an  innovative solution.  Specialistpoint combines  ease of use, accessibility, maintenance of up-todate information and  synchronisation of this information between Specialists and between multiple hospitals - whether they be private or public.   It allows individual Specialists and groups of Specialists to indicate precisely when they are available and exactly what type of cases they are available for.   You can  update your availability in real-time and have total control over who sees your contact information. Think of it as an online availability 'whiteboard'. 




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