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What benefits are there for Surgeons and Anaesthetists?

For Surgeons....


Imagine this scenario. You have an urgent case to do.  It's football finals night.  The oncall Anaesthetist for your usual group is busy.  Your other regular Anaesthetists aren't answering their phones.  Who do you call?


Specialistpoint  allows any individual Anaesthetists to show they are available for urgent cases. It will also show group contact information for other groups that you might not regularly use.  


Need a surgical assistant for the case? 


Specialistpoint  will show contact details for individuals as well as groups. 




For Anaesthetists.... 


It's football finals night again!  You've decided not to drink as you've just bought a new house and are looking for some extra work. How are you going to let people know you are available?



Specialistpoint  will allow you to show your availability.




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