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What benefits are there if I'm just starting in Private Practice?

Starting Private Practice is an exciting time, but it also can be a stressful time.   We are not really taught Business Management skills, and even though some of us attend a Part 3 course, it  really isn't  enough.  During his first 12 months in Private Practice Anaesthesia, Dr. John Chippendale realized how managing oncall duties and having to manage the business aspects of private practice can be a stressful time. This understanding was a driving force behind the design of this system, so that other Specialists would not  be subjected to such pressure and would gain a balance between work and personal time.

Specialistpoint will allow you to:


  • show when you are available for referrals
  • clarify the nature of referrals that you will accept
  • display patient waiting time for appointment availability
  • inform the GPs or other referrers what information you require for each referral
  • manage your oncall availability
  • join with other new Specialists to form Virtual Oncall Groups, enabling control of your oncall workload
  • find other Specialists for you to refer on to
  • advertise your practice to other specialists

Specialistpoint will be of enormous benefit to new Specialists, and their secretaries.

Financially, even a single extra referral from this website will benefit you.  Factoring in the lifetime value of that patient's business to your practice, allied with the opportunity for further referrals from the doctor concerned, and the value of Specialistpoint becomes obvious.

Compared to other medical software packages,Specialistpoint  actually has the potential to generate extra income for you, and it's FREE!


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