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How will this system ease the secretary's workload?

Specialistpoint has been specifically designed to help medical specialists and their secretaries.  Advantages for secretaries include being able to:


  • easily find which member of your group is oncall and their availability
  • easily find which other members of your group are available if the oncall person is busy
  • quickly find individual specialists or specialists from other groups, if there is no-one from your group available for the referral
  • share the oncall roster with your group members and with the other departments and individuals who need to know who is oncall
  • instantly update the oncall roster
  • easily check if the draft oncall roster will clash with your specialist's other oncall rosters
  • easily show when your specialist is on leave, and who to contact during this period
  • easily provide information to referring doctors regarding the type of referrals your doctor is available for, and the time-frame in which they can see acute referrals
  • help build your Specialist's practice through potentially increasing the quality and quantity of referrals
  • allow your Specialist to group with other Specialists to form virtual oncall groups, which will help share their afterhours workload
  • allow your Specialist to easily indicate if they are not available for urgent referrals,  allowing them to better enjoy their personal time without phone and pager interruptions
  • allow you to receive and share practice management advice from other members through our newsletters and online blog entries, thus streamlining your practice efficiency and improving profitability


We have designed the system to be easy to use for secretaries.

The system has been designed so that you have complete control over the roster information that you input into the system.  This allows you to make updates or changes whenever you need to, either  from work or home.

After you formulate an on-call roster, it will only take a few minutes to input information into the system.  Although it will take some  time for you to initially input your practice details and your Specialist's profile,  the potential benefits to your practice will far outweigh any potential negatives.


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